Galarie Project Feature

Recently I had the absolute privilege of being featured by the amazing website Galarie Project. Below is the article written by Brandi Graves. Thank you Brandi for the kind and humbling words! 

The Works of Michelle Houghton are a Portal to the Soul

I am never more analytical than I am while dissecting a work of art. There are many types of art; performed, written, painted, sculpted, the list goes on. What perpetuates through each and every medium of art is the meaning it holds with all of us, as individuals and as a whole. Upon viewing Michelle Houghton’s artwork, I felt lucky. From the open white spaces, contrasting black lines, to the layering of colors and shapes, Michelle Houghton’s work is a masterful portal to the soul.

A self taught painter based out of Springfield, Missouri, Houghton has an impressive background in professional counseling. It is this experience of discovering personalities, of listening and delving into internal discourse that influences Houghton’s paintings to their very core. In her artists statement, she explains that her paintings are a way for her to, “…describe my experience and how I view my place in the world.”

As Michelle Houghton assembles each painting, she carefully dismantles them to find a kind of psychology that exists as its own personal universe in each piece. The layering of one painting alluding to the complex levels of an individual. A specific pallet of colors perfectly embodying a singular person, or a group of like minded people, all unified specs in the smear of pigment. Deep black lines telling a story, a narrative of the soul on its journey to self discovery and fulfillment. Jagged and rough, cyclical and sometimes confusing, these lines are a commentary of the human experience. Life isn’t just a straight line from birth to death. It’s a gnarly winding road and while it may be difficult, it may also be fun, sweet, hurtful, charming, and dramatic. But, at the root of all the adversity and derailments, life is beautiful. If we can take anything away from Houghton’s paintings it’s that there is beauty in every twist and turn, if we can only take stock in the big picture.

Go on your own journey of personal discovery. Listen to the track “Calling” by Radiq