Hurry up & Wait

For me, Sunday afternoons are designated alone time. Time to be reflective and creative. Time to sit down and get some work done. The goal in whatever I choose to do is to ingest some wisdom and spark into my week. Generally after giving myself to others in the ways I must because of my profession, I need some infusion of spiritual or emotional depth into my veins if I am to fare well and continue to offer it genuinely to others. 

Lately, I have been devouring Darling Magazine, a zine dedicated to the art of being a woman, in order to fulfill that need when I am not working on a painting. I  have a heart for exploring the depths of what it means to be a woman in this modern age, and Darling is a place I can return to again and again to offer a fresh female voice in a world that can seem so frustrating and unmanageable at times. 

Today, as I sat on my couch amidst cozy candles, a dog snoozing behind my head, and hot tea wafting in my direction, I opened up Darling, and came across this article about patience. Its called Hurry Up and Wait , by a woman named Kathleen Breaux, and it brilliant. 

After all the hubub with our recent video and website release, (if you live under a rock, go search Instagram Husband if you have no idea what I'm talking about), my mind has been sent into a sort of anxious overdrive. Without going into too much detail -- it is the best thing to get noticed for something you (aka: your husband) do creatively, especially in a world where it is hard to be noticed, but it is also like activating a room of many gears which move at lightening speed simultaneously. 

If I am to be honest, a lot of what we Jeff and I experienced in 2015 is  hurrying up and waiting with our creative ventures-- attempting to be patient and allow things to come as they are and in their time without wishing to be one step ahead. It is a challenging endeavor, to be patient; one that has brought about tremendous growth, but it also walks side by side with fear. At this time two weeks ago, no one in the world had heard of our show, and now all the sudden 4 million + have. The boggling of my mind continues, and so does the waiting to see what is next. 

I'll leave you with some content from this short article which really spoke to me and gave me insight into where we've been and where we are headed. I'm glad for the jackpot wisdom it has brought me today.

"Patience is often limited by platitudes and pretty words that offer comfort in the assurance that the heart's every desire will be delivered "in time"-- we merely have to wait for it. For a while, these gentle banalities are enough. They assure us that we needn't worry about that which is imminent. Surely, if that next step- be it a job, relationship, a paid debt or a new accolade-- is meant to be, it will be. Watch, wait and eventually your life will happen to you. 
But time inevitably reveals the cracks in a foundation too weak to bear its weight. When it comes to this most quiet and enduring of strengths, many of us are operating within a misunderstanding of grand proportions. Patience is a virtue, to be sure. It is good and it is graceful; it is challenging and it is nothing if not humbling. Patience is a great many things-- but it is not passive. 
...Patience is not defined by the capacity to wait without action. Passivity breeds apathy, and apathy breeds impatience. Restlessness and bitterness naturally follow suit. While we sit in anticipation for the next inevitable turn, that one missing piece to fill the hole we think is empty... time continues to pass. ...Desiring something is easy; putting ourselves out there to move toward it is not. To be vulnerable, though, is to be brave in the most beautiful way."